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Honeymoon Travel Insurance

Compare the prices & coverage provided by the travel insurance firms before selecting the insurance carrier. Travel agents can be helpful when booking a honeymoon package & getting travel insurance as they can get you a lovely deal. Policyowner coverage ought to include travel supplier bankruptcy, accidents, airline issues like flight cancellations, change in designs for the trip & emergency assistance. It is better to buy an independent policyowner than from the travel company you booking your honeymoon trip with. Keep in mind that the travel insurance can cost anywhere between five -10% of the total cost of the honeymoon trip, so make place in your wedding budget.


The trips that require travel insurance the most are if you are buying an expensive, non-refundable honeymoon cruise or tour packages.Some other policy coverage services include baggage claim, loss of passport assistance, direct settlement for in-hospital medical expenses abroad and medical evacuation or repatriation.Do your homework online and gather info about all travel-related issues at your honeymoon destination so that you can customize your insurance accordingly if needed.Carry your policy with you and also keep a copy of it at home with your parents or family members who can produce it on notice.Look for policy with clause that says “cancel-for-any-reason” as this will be the most generous cancellation option and can get you back most of your money if you need to cancel the trip.Read the fine print! Any policies that you are comparing, read the fine print to see what exactly it says so that you are not deceived. Read a couple of times and make sure you know what you are signing.

Travel insurance for honeymoon might appear like an expensive ticket item in your budget, but it can come to your rescue when needed. Shop around a small bit before you buy to make sure you are getting the best owner coverage for the best cost.