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Get Seat Upgraded

Fly with Carriers that Offer More Than One Class

Recent past has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of low-cost carriers (LCCs), which carry passengers at lower flying costs. This is a fact that it is easy to get cheap domestic air tickets with budget airlines, but most aircraft of these carriers have a single class – mostly Economy. When such is the situation in an aircraft, the chances of getting an upgraded seat gets eliminated. So, it is advisable that if travellers are keen on getting an upgradation, they should check the classes available in an aircraft of particular carriers before booking their tickets. People can verify types of classes in a flight with online travel agencies. These portals offer detailed information about different flights of leading carriers.

Travel during Holidays and Festivals

Many experts suggest that travelling at the time of festivals and holidays increases the chances of getting seats upgraded. This is because, generally, Business and First classes are booked by industrialists and corporates who travel mostly during working days, and these classes are least occupied during holidays. This eventually, increases the probability of change in seat for a more comfortable Business or First class journey. The benefit of this is that people pay for the lower class and enjoy amenities of the elite class.

Go For Advance Booking

Another method that fliers can use to get a better seat after reservation is booking air tickets in advance. Reports of a recent survey have revealed that most carriers keep a close check on dates of booking. Whenever there are chances of promoting seat-types of fliers, officials tally those dates and offer better seats to fliers with earlier dates of booking. So, it can be inferred that the sooner the reservations are done the better are the chances of getting upgraded. However, these tactics can only help in increasing the probability and getting a better seat depends largely on co-incidental factors that might or might not click sometimes. However, during a long-haul journey, this comes as a boon for many, especially for first-time travellers.