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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Information of Lowest Fare Air Ticket

Early Booking: If the destination is already fixed, then flight bookings should be made in advance.

It has been closely observed that airline companies are likely to decrease the fare compared to the fare available other times.

Constant Search: If the tour is sure to take place, then searching various websites is a good option to get latest information about airfare. But this search should not be confined to one or two websites. Different sites should be searched regularly before and after the air ticket booking.

Different Airport Fare Charts: Sometimes checking various airports in the vicinity of the destination may unfold an option to get air tickets at low fare, because single airport may not be lenient while offering the air fare. So it will be smart enough to visit the airports which are few miles away from the destination.

Flexibility in fixing up the travel date: Before fixing up the date of journey, it should be kept in mind that flexibility is an important factor in order to save money. After fixing up the date if any low fare air ticket is offered then availing the latest offer will be a smart decision. In that case earlier booking will be cancelled and journey date has to be postponed.

Choice of Travel date: Generally air tickets are available at low rate if the journey date is not in the weekends, holidays.Prices of air tickets go up in vacation times, holidays and weekends. Therefore travelling in the middle of the week is one of those options to get air tickets at low rate.

Search Options: While searching various websites for low fare air ticket, the dedicated websites for all the airline companies should not be overlooked. Because airline companies sometimes go for private sales if all the seats are not sold. So this search will be worthwhile to get the air ticket at low price.

Morning Flights: Early morning flights are available at low rate, because people tend to avoid this time and prefer other time of the day. Discounts are offered for morning flights in abundance.

Different Websites to follow: There are so many websites where air ticket prices are published. But among them are some authentic websites which should be followed strictly to get the best offer on air,,Hipmunk are those well known websites for international flight.Makemytrip, and are the authentic websites for both domestic and international flights.These websites are very genuine to provide updated air fare charts rather low fare air tickets.

Fly at regular interval: Discounts on air ticket fare can also be availed if the privilege for regular flier is opted by being a member of that program of an airline company. This particular facility can also be availed through credit card where discounts in the form of rewards are sometimes offered for distances.

Online Travel Portal

Online travel booking engine comprises on the basis of online reservation system like Flight booking engine, Hotel booking engine, sightseeing tours, holiday packages, car, bus and cruise reservation system. The Flight Booking engine enables customers and clients to search tickets of minimum price, low cost international flights and other. Traveler searches global destinations at search engine, books ticket and generate PNR by paying online.

Hotel booking engine is software in which travelers book hotel rooms or holiday packages of their choice on different locations in India and abroad. Axis softech provides the website at competitive and affordable price. Our company is fully equipped with updated resources to design and develop world class hotel booking engine. We provide API integrated solution to customers and clients to book hotels without any error. Our company also develops and designs B2B, B2C, XML and even white label solution.

Car booking engine is API integrated software which provides the tourists to reserve cars in advance to visit different places of their choice. API integrated engine allows the users to access information of rental agencies throughout the globe. With the help of car rental website one can increase its earning by gaining more and more customers. Axis Softech is one of the largest and award winning car portal developer in India.

Thus with the help of Online travel booking engine we can able to compete the fast growing travel market where sky is the limit.

Tips Control Travel Expenses

Seek Good Travels Deals

As you have already decided where you want to go now it will be easy for you to find the hotel at that place. There are number of online websites like Goibibo, Makemytrip, Yatra & more who provide great deals for hotel, flight, trains, busses, cabs/cars etc. There you can find many online coupon codes and offers on internet. If it’s an international trip then you must check the currency rates as well, because many centers have worst and high exchange rates, which can cause the increment in your budget.

  • Meals:Take your meal before going out; it will not only save your wallet but also your stomach. If you are on a lengthy trip, than instead of buying food, you can cook for yourself, or instead of buy food from hotel go for home delivery, you can take Dominos, Pizza hut’s, Foodpanda Coupon codes, offers & deal online and can enjoy meal in cheap rate.

Always Use Coupons Code

Remember to use coupon code, promo code & offers as per as your needs:

  • Airways, Trains & Busses: Plan in advance, and visit the websites which offers great deals & offers as per as your need. You can look Online for flight booking coupons, online flight tickets, bus ticket offers at Couponhind. You should always use coupon code because you are going on a trip, you have another extra expenses too, try using online flight discounts, online train coupons code, etc. There are many sites which give you genuine coupon codes which actually work, for example Couponhind, Coupondunia, Savemoneyindia, GrouponIndia & more. is the largest dealer of Coupons online; it has awesome deals and offers.
  • Local Transportation: If you are travelling to a place where you can get the local transportation facility, for example metros, bullet trains, etc. They have the facility of Passes with limited days (options are there), you can buy those passes, and these will save your money. You are taking a car on rent then must see for the coupon codes, deals & offers available. There are few online websites which give you offers for cash back, online coupon codes etc which can minimize your expenses.

Subscribe to the Travel Deals Newsletter

If you are planning to go on travelling then you must subscribe to the famous Travel Dealing companies, so that if they will give any offer or update any coupon, deals, offers, etc. then you will get it automatically as you are its subscriber now. You will get the advantage of new letter; you will get the benefit when it’s been updated.

Air Travel Info For Pregnant Women

Book Direct Flights- Direct flights are always convenient for pregnant passengers as it saves them from the trouble of changing the aircraft repeatedly. Though airlines tickets for direct flights are comparatively expensive but the convenience they bestow is worth the money spent.

Book Best Seats in Advance- Plan you travel well in advance to make the best bookings possible. Compare flights and air ticket costs and then make online air tickets booking to reserve the seats available with extra legroom space.

Restrictions on Pregnant Travellers – Many airlines put certain restrictions on the travelling of the pregnant women during the late days of their pregnancy. For this, the airlines go through several medical aspects of the pregnant travellers including their due delivery date, number of babies mother is expecting, health issues, etc. For instance, pregnant ladies who book air tickets to Indiawith British Airways will face no travel restrictions up to the 36th week of pregnancy, provided the passenger is not expecting multiple births.

Packing- Pack loose and comfortable clothes to stay calm and relaxed during your holidays. Keeping a pair of comfortable and light shoes is also highly recommended as it can make your travel experience relaxing and stress-free.

Reach Airport Early- Reach airport early to avoid last minute rush as any sort of rush can make pregnant passengers feel stressful and uneasy.

Escort Pass- If you need assistance from your personal helper till the entrance, you may collect an escort pass from the airport service desk.

Avoid Dehydration- Dehydration can be really bad for pregnant ladies during air travel. Try to consume sufficient amount of water to relish a comfortable travel experience. You may also carry your own water bottle to sip water at regular intervals of time.

Flight Safety – To ensure safety on the flight, keep your seat belts fastened all the time. Use handrails or seat backs to stand and move inside the aircraft. The flight attendants must be told about the presence of the pregnant traveller in the flight in advance so that they may pay extra attention to the traveller.